The Best Bolted Storage Tanks


Different sizes and configuration are used for engineering, fabrication and installation of bolted storage tanks.  They are made to meet industry standards including the American water works association and the national fire prevention association and that American petroleum institute. These tanks can be used for different purposes including water storage, wastewater storage, and crude oil storage. Since different users have different capacity requirements, these tanks are manufactured with different sizes.  There are small tanks that can hold 4,000 gal/100BBLs and large tanks that cab hold 2,500, 000 gal/60,000BBls.

The bolted steel tanks at  are crafted to precision using the state of the art facilities and using quality materials. The steel tanks have tensile strength of 120,000 pounds per square inch. You can access the tanks in three formats including  the hot-dipped  galvanized, stainless steel and the encapsulated steel.Years of leak free services is ensured through use of heavy duty synthetic rubber gasket to seal between tank slaves. Various types of gasket materials are sued to increase resistance to various kinds of liquids including water, wastewater and oil. The gaskets are punched to fit exactly and are very flexible and not separate from the tank surface.

There is the use of the thermoset infusion bonded powder coating to the bolted steel tanks. With this factory power coating, the tanks finish is resistant to corrosion, cracking, and chipping and scratching. The steel staves are prepared to near white standards to increase adhesion and durability. The powder coating is applied to the steel panels through electrostatic energy. This makes sure that coverage is done 100%. Heat curing the steel parts makes a permanent bond of the powder to the coating. Installation of bolted steel tanks is another thing they do after manufacturing the high quality storage tanks. Their installation team is well trained in installation of bolted steel tanks. They do a hassle free job by making the site safety a priority. They can install a tank in less time since they are also the manufacturer. This increases the confidence of a properly installed tank.  Know the different types of water storage in

They have a very quick and easy installation procedure. Their tank in box makes the them work in the shortest time considering they engineered the tank, manufactured the same and now installation.  There are no costly delays t repairs since the tank parts are standardized and interchangeable. The standard tanks have cone roofs and flat steel floors. Also available are the open tops, cone bottoms and the embedded bolted water tank.Local and international shipping is done for customers who want to install their own bolted steel tanks at For shipping done outside the US, they have the complete tank kit packaged inside the standard shipping container.  The tank can be installed directly as the whole kit is packed.

You can clarify any issues by calling their office.


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