The Best Bolted Storage Tanks


Different sizes and configuration are used for engineering, fabrication and installation of bolted storage tanks.  They are made to meet industry standards including the American water works association and the national fire prevention association and that American petroleum institute. These tanks can be used for different purposes including water storage, wastewater storage, and crude oil storage. Since different users have different capacity requirements, these tanks are manufactured with different sizes.  There are small tanks that can hold 4,000 gal/100BBLs and large tanks that cab hold 2,500, 000 gal/60,000BBls.

The bolted steel tanks at  are crafted to precision using the state of the art facilities and using quality materials. The steel tanks have tensile strength of 120,000 pounds per square inch. You can access the tanks in three formats including  the hot-dipped  galvanized, stainless steel and the encapsulated steel.Years of leak free services is ensured through use of heavy duty synthetic rubber gasket to seal between tank slaves. Various types of gasket materials are sued to increase resistance to various kinds of liquids including water, wastewater and oil. The gaskets are punched to fit exactly and are very flexible and not separate from the tank surface.

There is the use of the thermoset infusion bonded powder coating to the bolted steel tanks. With this factory power coating, the tanks finish is resistant to corrosion, cracking, and chipping and scratching. The steel staves are prepared to near white standards to increase adhesion and durability. The powder coating is applied to the steel panels through electrostatic energy. This makes sure that coverage is done 100%. Heat curing the steel parts makes a permanent bond of the powder to the coating. Installation of bolted steel tanks is another thing they do after manufacturing the high quality storage tanks. Their installation team is well trained in installation of bolted steel tanks. They do a hassle free job by making the site safety a priority. They can install a tank in less time since they are also the manufacturer. This increases the confidence of a properly installed tank.  Know the different types of water storage in

They have a very quick and easy installation procedure. Their tank in box makes the them work in the shortest time considering they engineered the tank, manufactured the same and now installation.  There are no costly delays t repairs since the tank parts are standardized and interchangeable. The standard tanks have cone roofs and flat steel floors. Also available are the open tops, cone bottoms and the embedded bolted water tank.Local and international shipping is done for customers who want to install their own bolted steel tanks at For shipping done outside the US, they have the complete tank kit packaged inside the standard shipping container.  The tank can be installed directly as the whole kit is packed.

You can clarify any issues by calling their office.


Basic Considerations in Selecting a Water Storage Tank to Buy


To some homeowners, investing in a rain water storage tank sounds sensible.  Rather than relying on the commercialized water supply that can cost you a lot of money, you can take advantage of stored rain water for the most of your household water necessities.

But deciding to buy water storage tank is not without challenges. The market has a great gamut of options available for you, so making a choice would not be that easy. Choose the best and the right water storage tank for you through the aid of the following points.


Tanks can be distinguished from each other in terms of the materials from which they are made of. Obviously, these materials do not fit to all situations and needs and one may be better or worse than the other in some areas. That is the basic reason why you need to understand firsthand what you are going to use a water storage tank for. The rain water that you store in a water storage tank is greatly appropriate for several of your household needs such watering your plants, washing your clothes, cleaning your plastic furniture and more. Knowing the best and the right materials for your tank starts with you knowing your purpose for buying the tank.


The size is another factor that matters. Usually, the bigger the size, the better the product. But if you try to think again, you could change your mind. Remember that a big tank comes in handy only when you have that great need for rain water supply. If your demand for water can be met by a small-sized water storage tank, then that will do. And when it comes to tank sizes, you need to do a check up on your place to see if it can accommodate the tank. Watch to gain more details about water tanks.


Last but definitely not the least, you need to take your financial budget into consideration. If you look for a small, durable and potable water tanks, then you should make yourself financially ready. If you are not equipped with ample budget, you may have to lower down your standards when you are at the store. Check various online stores ahead to get an idea of the tank prices.

The Importance of a Water Storage Tank


There are several kinds of assets in our homes. Some of the examples of these assets are livestock, houses, swimming pools, water features, water storage tanks to name a few.

These categories of livestock allows our homes to be good places for living. It has been known for almost every homestead to have a water storage tank. The purpose of installing water storage tank is to collect water from the rainfall. People usually, use gutters and pipes when collecting rainfall water into storage tanks. Water storage tanks can be installed above or below the ground.  It is hard to install underground storage water tanks without the aid of the installation services.  The installation services are found everywhere.  It is important to look for the installation services from reputable companies. It is also beneficial to hire the affordable installation services. Hiring the installation services guarantees one of quality installation services. There are various kinds of water storage tanks. Examples of categories of water storage tanks are polyethylene tanks, concrete tanks, and steel tanks. Polyethylene is a synthetic plastic material used in the manufacture of water storage tanks.

 Polyethylene tanks are normally installed on the surface of the soil.  Most people like polyethylene tanks since they are portable and long lasting.  Concrete tanks are either installed below or above the soil. The size of the concrete water tanks enables them to hold more water as compared to other categories of water tanks. Expect steel water tanks to be installed on the surface of the soil. Steel water tanks are usually resistant to external elements and are durable.  There are various benefits of installing water storage tanks at in our homes.

It is cheap to install water tanks. It is normally expensive to buy piped water from local authorities. The installation of polyethylene tanks is cheaper than other tanks. It has been realized for the installation of water tanks to help in checking soil erosion and water stagnation in our homes. To understand more about water storage, visit

Rainfall droplets on our backyards can lead to soil erosion and water stagnation. It has been known for the stagnated water to form breeding grounds of mosquitos the later lead to the transmission of malaria parasite to beings. The collected water is important to livestock and humans. Living things cannot live without water. Water aid in the detoxification process in the body.  Water stored in the tanks is used for the general cleanliness in our homes. Some of the things we do with the stored water are cleaning the flooring, washing our clothes, and bathing.  The stored water can also be used for irrigation purposes, click here to get started!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Storage Tank


If you’re thinking about purchasing a water storage tank for the first time, you have to recognize the fact that not all tanks you see are the same. Although all of types you intend to consider do the same function of storing water, the truth is that they might be made up of different materials and come equipped with different conveniences and features.

So before you start shopping, here are the most important considerations in guaranteeing that you will have a successful purchase.

1 – Material Construction

This right here depends primarily on how much water you plan on storing. Hence, if you intend to store large volumes, you also need the toughest materials for your tank at this link, including welded steel and/or concrete tanks. Also, the combination of bolted and shop-welded tanks is ideal for large volumes.

2 – Size and Placement

You likewise need to determine the amount of space available to which the tank will be erected. If in the case your space is very limited, you therefore have no other choice but to choose a tank with a small diameter. However, it does not mean you no longer have the ability to store enough volume of water with a small diameter tank since there are varieties out there that offer long height to compensate for the limited diameter. But if you happen to have unlimited space for placing the tank, it is recommended that you go for the wider and shorter tank. Watch to gain more info about water tanks.

3 – Environmental Consideration

Remember that the kind of water tank you choose for water storage will likewise be influenced by the environment to which it’ll be placed. There are environmental factors like seismic conditions, weather, and wind loads that can greatly influence the longevity and resilience of the water storage tank.

4 – Corrosion Issues

Even if this is your first time buying a water storage tank, you probably already know that the most difficult enemy it will be facing is corrosion. As such, you need to address this issue when you’re about to buy the tank. In line with this, your best bet is a tank that comes equipped with a corrosion resistant coating.

5 – Expansion Possibilities

Are you planning to use the tank for business? If so, you may want to consider the prospect of expansion. So, if expansion is a consideration, then you need to consider a bolted water tank for it allows expansion using simple hardware and gasket. Do not go for field welded and concrete tanks because they can’t be expanded.

6 – Portability

Finally, you can choose portable water tanks, too, should you want them to be moved from one place to another.  But you do have to make sure your choice of a portable tank won’t compromise your water storage needs.

What are the Different Types of Water Storage Tanks


There are places where water come and go unpredictably so in places like these, storing water is a necessity. It is very difficult when water is not readily available. You cannot wash your hands, your face or the dishes until the next time water is back on. Moreover, there are places that are prone to fires and in these places a steady supply of water is very important.

There are other reasons that make storing water very important. From the needs of your garden to emergency situations, you need something to hold water. You can store water in as many water bottles as you can find or you can store it in a large cyclinder as long as it is clean. However, the bigger the container the better because you can have more water supply. Water storage tanks are very common things used for keeping water. In the market, there are many sizes to choose from. There are giant sizes of water storage tanks that can be bought as a whole or in parts. Should you encounter difficulty in installing the storage tank, you can call a professional to help you.

These tanks are typically made of steel. Furthermore, steel water tank come in different coating varieties. Wood containers are an old-fashioned water tanks but they are still being used today. Wood can last for years as it is durable enough to hold water.

Concrete water tanks are excellent alternatives. These tanks can be installed either below the ground or above it. It can stand for more or less five decades. On the downside, it is the heaviest and a machine will be needed to install it. This option is also pricey. To learn more about water tanks, visit

The next material is lighter and it is fiberglass. You can forget about rusting with fiberglass water storage tanks. One should note that this water storage tank is also pricier than wood or steel.

There is this other type called polyethylene water storage tank. They are not as pricey and they can hold up to 50,000 gallons but if you need to store more than that you are probably going to need two of it. They are easy to transport because thes tanks are portable and lightweight. This tank can stand for about 15 years. They can either be green or black to keep UV light from penetrating into the tank.

In summary, storing water should not be a problem since there are plenty of options when it comes to water tanks. Depending on your budget and your needs, there surely is one tank that is right for you.